Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stuck in Nothingness

Since this morning I’ve been trapped in my messy-narrow room with many untidy books around me. It has been my habit since uncertain long time ago. I guessed it’s predestinate for me as guarantee to my whole life. I just follow my mind to be honest and patient among the silent space, read more books and write many ideas surrounding my mind.

I have learned from prominent writers such as Borges, Gabriel Garcia Marques or even to Marquis de Sade who lived in silence for long life, far away from reality, and they stuck in silence for their lifetime, yet the crowded people outside my room have walked along the way and have talked about nothingness—materialism, money, lust, and so on—by echo sounds which broke my ear down my floor tile.

I often talked to my computer and asked deeply about what is the life’s meaning for me, and also for those who are busy for their personal lives? Unfortunately, a lot of people I knew very well went to their personal and egoistic life day by day and they definitely never care of people in another side even in home country. Here or in another place is liberty, but there in outside of our rush life today is misery. They have no party but crying for their tomorrow’s life which is no hope anymore. They live in ruin and isolated place from any access to get on standard life.

It’s ambiguous side of me but utterly I like it so much. I was born to fight for their rights which are erased by person, people, and state.

In the end of this writing, I always claim “tomorrow is your time” my folks! Let’s stand up for your right!