Ziarah ke Museum of Innocence

Kemal menemukan kebahagian mencintai seorang F├╝sun dengan segenap warna dan misteri.

Saat itu ibuku menangis

Buat kakakku Hermanto Junaidi yang sedang damai bersemayam di bawah pohon ketapang, tempat aku selalu menjengukmu, saat pulang, atau saat pergi sekalipun.

Indeks Perdamaian Kota Itu Perlu

By measuring the state of peace, we can further our understanding of the social, political and economic factors that help develop more peaceful environments

Tentang Ingatan dan Ideologi

The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting” — Milan Kundera (The Book of Laughter and Forgetting).

A Journey: from Border to Border

Midyat is one of a must visited historical places in Mardin beside Old Mardin. Overall this city is cited as paths of the early civilizations named Mesopotamia or far before it—if we talked about Christianity and Jews history as well for its strategic location with rocky hill and plain near the Tigris River.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Kacamata, Keberuntungan dan Teman-teman

"Who knows what will happen then? It's a life mystery either lucky or not we should step forward. Mean anything to pursue values, happiness!”

A few times after having double blast of unluckiness I tweeted above to mark every single experience of my life, to stick it into my mind. My face with glasses was smashed by a ball played by a bunch of friends to warming up just a few minutes before match kick-off. Yes, it was broken and I had a little hurt on face. With 5,5 minus I felt surrounding was suddenly dark. We brought two balls into the pitch. One was used to play with and another we put inside. They guy I don’t know the name asked to play it outside. We permitted. Just a several minutes gone, I saw the ball was already above the pitch which is fully wrapped by strings. I know it would be difficult to pick it and it was right that we went back home without that ball.