Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Have You Got Drunk?

Think not those faithful who praise all thy words and actions; but those who kindly reprove thy faults. 

It was such a weird day for me after taking apart in applying for a job as editor on the publication house. I was asked by friends to apply for that job as my other experiences in having a part-time job like this and I nodded, convincing myself about it, as I had worked for the same in many times. So, expanding to another part of the experiences is one of the passionate thing to do. I never hesitate to try the new thing in my lifetime!

I didn’t have any special preparation at all but just a CV and statement letter required by the institution for the applicant. I completed it then coming over to the office. Shaking hand and saying something with the officer to ensure myself as the applicant. I kept quieting for a minute while waiting for the other instruction to do by my application or another stuff to complete. Yes, that’s true. Someone coming to me brought me a form of the official statement for appliers who are interested In the job. I received it calmly then completing it in the table of narrow waiting room. Name, place and birthday, address, educations, and work experiences were completed in hurry. I moved on the bottom line of the form. I found the freaking question I didn’t find it ever.

After asking me about my religion, it bombarded me about another question still related to religion. Do You Keep Praying? The answers listed are: a). routine, b). sometimes, c). ever, and d). never. I stuck in my sensory perception for while, thinking hard to answer the proper one. I am not a routine prayer of five-times prays in a day thought I try to obey it since I never put my deed of religion in haste or ignorance. But, I'm a human being with disability and limited will. I shortly chose “b” to convince myself. The game was not over since I had to finish another question.

Have You Got Drunk? That's the hard one but it actually was easier to answer. I didn’t need to take a time to finish it. The answers listed are a). never tried and b). have tired. I chose “b”. Then, the form was completed! 

I kept thinking on my mind to know how urgent the religion is for the people. Yes, I said to myself who was born in and for my religion to keep it real until the day after. It was not religious on the paper I need, otherwise I am eager to see all people behaving in values of the religion as routine so that the harmony and peace will be reached and functioned in this life. 

Finally I stepped out from the office, ensuring the institution’s affiliation by gazing the billboard embedded on the wall. Then I thought it out. Yes, I went away by motorcycle as if I did wronged activity for the day. It was sucked!