Monday, October 07, 2013

Konya’da İlk Hasta

It’s not so good for me at all, or actually it’s so damn ashamed, when I am so brave to take the risk during the weird weather by trying or maybe arrogantly like testing the “other weather” out of my life, in Indonesia as tropical country, by wearing a slight T-Shirt just like I used do in my country. Here in Turkey I feel anything is different all about weather. I am enforced to take a breath of a cold air, very cold air! Actually it’s not my first winter I have ever experienced. I was in short visit to Aussie during the winter time in 2011. But here I will stay longer, not just a short time like I did before. So what I’ve done here with “testing the weather” was something silly and my friend, Asrul, will totally laugh at me since he knows I am in bed rest for several days. My body is like trampled by this gigantic experience of weather.

So, I have to submit all doctor's saying about my conditionö with this new-look-like sedative tablet: Benical cold, Rastel 25mg and also Androrex. Yup, it’s my first ill here, like an allergy for cold, suffering throat (boğaz hastası) then getting headache and cough! October 6, 2013. I must go to doctor and fix all things. I am fortunate to have awesome friends from Indonesia: Asrul, Agung and Ghalib. The last one can speak Turkish and helps us a lot. I went to university hospital then unfortunately the pharmacy is not inside. We should bring the recipe outside and buy my medicine from there. It’s something wondering for me when I know that it could not provide medicine.

But everything I enjoy, even this ill! By now I won’t play a game. I don’t wanna pay for something I made wrongdoing like this, 17 TL! Simply crazy!