Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Monday

It came over my door like a sudden gift to us, the Seroja's rumah kost lads, to look after it, keep it safe as possible as the way it is. It was Monday on mid-June 2013 when it was first time appeared with stunning and lit a bit wicked face, and then became the reason why I named it Monday, due to the bright Monday at the time--to shine spirit around the house and the lads. It knows I love it, snorts when it is around and often comes to sleep with me, near my ear! It's somewhat weird when hearing its deep breath directly.

While feeding it with milk sometimes, I make sure to send it down into the street in the morning, leave by itself, let it find its real world by playing around freely as mammalia does. I know it has its world around me, a lot of interaction with people, but I do not understand enough what it actually wants except feeding and caring as possible. I know, it's logical, that it is assassination if I serve it like human. No way!

I am just pretty sure that some people who, with personal interest or later institutionalized common-sense, say they love pets (animals in general) then serve them like their lives such human are little immoral. You know, as I stated above, they have their own world. Get them back into their lives now and forever!