Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Kiai Kampungan", he said

After having prayed Jumat this week, I stopped by my neighbor’s simple house whose many books I borrowed, then just killed the time as usual to discuss about latest Islamic issues. As a zealous reader of several books of Islamic literature, he definitely masters the latest issue dealing with Islam like radicalism showed up with booby trabs which terrorize people on two weeks later. He is strikingly enthusiastic to explain the basic knowledge of Islam before going ahead of assuming the motives of terror in advance.  

We know that terrorists’ ways have increased rapidly by lots of ways to kill their enemy, the opposite person or group which become particular target. Modification of bomb terrors speaks that terrorists’ groups are still alive and ultimately creative to set an attack of terror by underground maneuver in which many people are less to know their real movement. They specifically refer to personal as an enemy against their groups. They have seemingly stopped bombarding the enemy with common ways like public bombing attack that has become a trend at past one decade.  They has appointed personality with specific way to maybe reduce a myriad of innocence tolls. Ulil Abshar-Abdalla, Dhani Ahmad, and other are the personals who become a target even though it fortunately failed to kill them. But, we must keep wondering about what another newest way would be the terrorists do then?

Why are the doctrines of fundamentalists of Muslim easily accepted by the people in group? It was my wondering question to disclose the core answer of terrorism today according to his point of view. He answered that here in Indonesia Islam does not have certificated proselytizers of Islam (da’i) and Islam leaders who legally have permission to teach religious doctrine among the people. We don’t have tight regulation to decide proper person who should be a da’i and qualified to be Muslim leader of teaching and proselytizing Islamic doctrines.

“Da’i-da’i saiki kampungan kabeh” said he by extreme Javanese words meaning “the Islam proselytizers now are not qualified at all”. It’s been common sense here to be a da’i without serious qualification, for instance, mastering Kuran and Hadith (the prophet traditions), experiencing and studying an Islamic literature, and practicing the values of Islam by keen interpretation about Kuran to populace in the term of peace and harmony for all (ramhatul lil alamin). We have a lot of clumsy proselytizers and unorganized system so extremely that they make abuse of religious doctrine which supports to practice damaging for humanity.  

Muslim people in Indonesia don’t realize this matter so far and seemingly ignore the root of religious proselytizing. Many people had accepted and practiced a Hadith stated that: “balligh ‘anni walau ayatan” which means “teach me even one verse (of Kuran)”. It has been used to claim their action of spreading Islam values among the people. We never know from where they come and what subject of Islam doctrines they have already done. Do they really master the Kuran first, then historical traditions? We, once, never know them at all and maybe just a few of da’i who is qualified and sincerely accepted by public.

The partial interpretations by proselytizers about Kuran and Hadith will ultimately affect the followers so damn worst in understanding and practicing the Islamic values in society, then claiming the truth by the narrow perspectives. Those who are weak in mastering an entire literature of Islam will make mistakes and lots of misunderstandings about true Islam and they absolutely corrupt some important parts of Islamic values which are outstandingly stated by Kuran to the life in peace altogether. 

Unlike Christian religion which tightly regulates the missionary endeavor and priest who must master the bible and get certified by both church and seminary, Muslim people are still in haste to practice this matter . I don’t want to say that Islam must be organized strictly as frozen institution under one authority, but an awareness of weakness of Islam proselytizers recently threatening the holistic understanding and practice of Islam values must be reformed and delivered soon to public to stick their thoughts of avoiding the partial doctrine.

Finally by rethinking from the basic of teaching religion, we should restore the ways of proselytizing the Islamic doctrine which was partially or wrongly addressed. The government and religious leaders have to take a role in promoting this issue to set values of religion back into the true precept of divine that is absolutely being intended to entire life on the earth.